What is the secret behind sales of the most successful businessman? A decade ago, when I started my business I was barely earning from by business whereas my fellow mates were making sales triple to mine.

While surfing the net I found out the 80/20 rule that stated 20% of the businessman make 80% of the sales in any department. Also in today’s era working harder will not fulfill your demands rather working smarter will.

I was very disappointed with myself being in the 80% who make only 20% sales, that was the turning point of my life where I decided to take me up in the 20%. From that day I started treating my business not as an art but an actual science. Marketing being an important element in selling, it has been experimented since the darker shade and easily we can predict what will happen and what not.

If you want to sell your product you should be able to flip the keys of the human psyche. If you are capable of doing that there will not be any product you cannot sale. Using psychology in selling products by applying different techniques will take you to success. Here are some tips of psychology of selling which are proved:

1. Product is the Solution

Show your customers that your product stands unique and is the solution to their problem. Think like a consumer. No one buys a product but everyone prefers a solution. By giving a brief about the problem you can take them to the solution of how it can be resolved. By doing this you’ll not only satisfy their needs but also spark their interest in buying the product.

For eg. For selling a silicon rain cover first show them a picture of a boy who has spoiled his clothes and then taking them to a positive side where he is carrying the rain cover and he saves himself from the rain.

2. Trust

Emerge out as an authority figure. Here you might be thinking of the businessmen, and all the famous personalities, yes, they have authority in their own way. Unlike them, it is very crucial for you to have authority in the right manner. Here in the psychology of selling, you need to figure out how do you express your brand authority and what is your brand authority.

People want to associate with someone who is well known and is powerful; authorities give a brand the followers who want to associate with the brand in any manner. Trust is a crucial part of the sale, must be gained first. In order to explain it in a better manner think of when you last visited a doctor.

Did you look for his experience? Did you search out whether his patients were satisfied or not? Will you feel relaxed if your doctor showed you similar interest and asked you an ample amount of questions about your disease. Similarly, use the technique of trust in the psychology of selling.

3. Likability Switch

Who do you connect with? Will you buy something from someone you don’t like? Having the same ideologies, sharing the same area of interest are the factors that make us connect to someone. And you will be troubling yourself if you are trying to connect with someone who has no match and does not share any similar interests.

The likability switch in the psychology of selling works appropriately if done on a high level, going with the company’s image. Customers will buy from a place where the seller listens to him and gives him the opportunity to explain something he is looking for.

Here, you need to play your cards and show them your products moulding it in a way where your product tends to solve all the problems and fits best in the ideal image of the customer. By being a friend with your customers, you will stand unique between your competitors as from now onwards rather than seeing you a greedy seller they will see a friend in you who will solve their problems with their product.

4. Proofs Over Promises

While buying a product certain question arises in one’s mind like- will this product be suitable for them? Will it actually work? Here customers often question whether they will realize the benefits of the product or not.  The uncertainty always ends up keeping them on the edge, questioning the quality and effectiveness of the product. While making a purchase these kinds of questions make a customer doubtful about the product.  

Here you need to play the role of a smart seller, by giving them qualitative analysis and logical reasoning, give them evidence and customer validations to make them realize that the product would be worth it. Make them believe that they will reap all the benefits of the product.

5. Social Proof

What do you explain to a child when he follows the crowd? Let me remind you adults do the same consciously or unconsciously we follow the crowd in any manner. We tend to be more willing to do something if someone close to us of we are familiar with does the same thing. In the race of being liked by everyone and for fitting in the crowd we follow them.

This is an opportunity where you need to create a social image and ask your customers to post pictures with your product. These will prove to be your evidence for the future. You can present testimonials either in the written or in the video form placed or published on your website. You can go for the case studies whereby explaining the problem and solution you can create a great image of your product in the customer’s eye.

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