A customer is foundation of any business’ success. For a business to flourish the primary goal should be to identify and meet the needs of the consumers. They play a key role in deciding the success rate of a company.

The easiest and most powerful way to increase sales and the marketing strategy is very simple; ‘make your customer happy’, a happy and a satisfied customer will bring repeated sales that will count. In this article we will concentrate on describing ten different ways to make sure that you customers are happy and satisfied.

1. Market Study

To make your customer satisfied a company needs to understand the market, consumers’ demand and requirement rate in general. To develop a constant success ratio a company should simplify and shortlist the desired goods and services needed by the consumers in the market.

For this, a company should thoroughly study and evaluate the current market scenario. For example the world is successively becoming health conscious without compromising on the taste buds.

Now to satisfy customers a company selling health care supplements should try to introduce products which are healthy and flavorsome at the same time.

2. Innovation For Results

As we discussed in the paragraph above to capture the market and make a happy and a loyal customer all you need is to be creative. Think of something new, different that drives the consumers towards you and your products.

Think of it this way, we were discussing the world being health-conscious, the idea above was to study their need, along with building some special segments into it.

For example:  introducing a different product line, labelling it with a different name, providing special offers. Bring out your creativity to impress the users to an extent that they can’t say no to your goods and services.

3. Brand Awareness

Customer should always be treated a little less like an out lander and more like a family. Building brand awareness will increase your brand loyalty, the extent to which your consumers are aware with the quality or image of the goods and services.

To make your customer aware of your brand, product line then emphasize on developing a connection between you and your users. Try to convey the motive behind a product in a very subtle manner.

Don’t make it too techno-savvy for the users to understand your goals. Focus on adding value to your content; it is a powerful way not only to attract masses but to keep them happy and satisfied in the long run.

4. Reinforcement

Re-evaluate and analyze a customer’s need in the market. Setting up business goals to link the idea of constant reinforcement will help you to build-up a happy and a satisfied customer.
The major focus of a company should be to measure and improve customer satisfaction by providing additional offers. For example: concentrate over providing 24 hours free help line portals, developing better communication level, free installation facilities and other services in favor of the consumers.

5. A Happy Employee Make For a Happy Customer

A happy employee will automatically function in favor of the company. If the personnel are not happy and satisfied then they might not be able to make the customer happy. The key to achieve customer happiness is to focus on employs happiness first, so they serve better.
Create a work friendly environment, provide them bonus and bounty. Talk to them and understand their problems like a friend. Give them credits and motivate them to perform better. Start setting up healthy competitions like ‘employee of the month or year’, this may help them to strengthen their performance.

6. Feedbacks

Stop treating feedback’s as a curse; rather consider it as a blessing. Feedback’s should be taken in a positive manner. Examine them as a way to improve your level of customer satisfaction. Stop hearing and start listening to a customer’s need and then come up with the suitable solution. There are many ways to collect feedback’s from the customers, make account on social media platform so that can write a review to your official pages, including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
You may also considered doing a little survey every once a while. Performing surveys will help you to create a connection between the customer and you. Provide little feedback form when they pay your store a visit. The customer should feel like they are important to you and someone’s there to listen to them.

7. Customer Services

There are many ways to provide them with the same, such as:  free installation, (in case of technical assistance) provide them rightful methods for the usage of the appliances, 24 hours helpline portals, providing feedback forms.
Customer should not feel that there have been only a one time business deal with you, rather drive them to come back to you and your services again and again.

8. Turn Customer Feedback Data Into Action

Not only do we need to focus on collecting feedback from the customers rather the prime motive should be to review and understand their issues. A good data may reflect a customer’s experience with your company.

Develop a customer satisfaction survey and study them thoroughly, try to eliminate these problems, be open to suggestions.

Think of ways to make your customer happy without even compromising on your capital budget. To survive in the market, in the long run, figure out ways to understand a customer’s psyche, for the better functioning of a company.

9. Open-Ended Chat Session

Another way to increase customer satisfaction is to organize a focus group discussions or open-ended chat session. Set them ease and let them talk about what they really like or dislike about your company’s goods and services.
Be open to all the suggestions by the customer without arguing, justifying or defending your side. Discuss via online chat portals and sometimes in person interactions too. Try to build a connection between you and your customer, a never-ending bond where you both understand the need for each other to grow together.

10. A Comfortable Ride For You Both

Bring out ways to make your journey with your customer smooth and hurdle free. For example if a customer is trying to reach you via Facebook then do not direct them to connect via phone call or write an email.
A customer is trying to reach you via Facebook indicates that it is the most feasible option for him. Try to review, understand and offer solutions to their problem on the same social platform. Make them comfortable enough that they feel free to discuss their issues regarding your company’s goods and services.


Happy customer not only helps you to survive in the market but also helps you to achieve and capture it. A happy and a satisfied customer will improve your sales, furthermore will maintain brand loyalty and will also help you to connect to other customers (via word of mouth).

Following these little tips may help you to increase and achieve the level of customer satisfaction. Do not limit yourself. Be creative; do not hesitate to be interactive. I hope this article helps you to get rid of the problems you are facing to fulfill customer satisfaction. GOOD LUCK ☺

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