Whenever you start a business, you think about many factors like your budget, audience and all the extra expenses that you need to spend on the rent of your office, factory, storage hall, etc. Are you aware of the term drop shipping? A hustle free retail fulfillment business startup for you where you will deal with your customers by giving them stocks of the product without storing it.

Are you planning to start up a business, have you done all the planning and research? Have you thought about your budget, advertisement and how will you promote? Or the space you will be acquiring for your factory, office and storing? Not done yet? No worries. Are you sure you are going to spend a large amount of money on all of them? Can you afford all these expenditures?

Now let me help you by solving all of your worries and giving you a solution to all of your problems. The name of your antidote is Drop shipping. Are you aware of the term? Drop shipping is a business where you will act as a mediator between the retailer or a wholesaler and the manufacturer; you need to transfer stocks without storing them from the manufacturer to the retailer or a wholesaler. Here without handling the stock and having the headache of storing it, you can easily have your sales by being a channel. First, let me take you to a tour of all the benefits of drop shipping.


  • You can start this business with less capital. Traditionally, retailers need to invest a large sum of money but here being a mediator all you need to transfer funds from manufacturer to retailer keeping your commission and expenditures aside. You don’t need to purchase the product in advance, only when the retailer asks you, all you need to do is make some calls and get the desired amount of product shipped.
  • Being an eCommerce business, you might be thinking about the physical products but here since you do not have to deal with them you need not worry about managing your warehouse or paying for it. Also, all the packing and shipping process and handling the return or managing the stock level.
  • You will be benefited with low overhead expenses, after a while when you’ll grow these might increase but the profit along with them will also increase.

After knowing all of the above-mentioned benefits, you might be thinking of starting this business eagerly. This is a business which can help you to make sales in less than 10 days and you can start enjoying your profit in between. Now, here are some proven tips which would help you get your first sale in less than 30 days:

1. Target as much traffic as you can

After you have established your company, understand the fact that not everything comes too soon, be patient and be focused on your strategies you are going to use to promote yourself. Once you are a company, spend at least 10 days to promote your company via ads in newspapers on social media sites and think of as many possible ways.

Spend time to design your logo, select your colours carefully, use vibrant colours and eye-catching fonts. Via traffic, you will have an idea of whether you are having the best price or not. Also, traffic helps you in many other ways that’s why traffic is very important. For checking whether you are having apt traffic you can see the number of visitors on your website via Google Analytics. This might give you an idea of where you are heading.

2. Use Your Channel Wisely

Use the channel for your propagation wisely. If you are planning for a handicraft, pintrest might be a good choice for you. The choice of the channel can do wonders if done in the right way or it could make all of your money go in vain.

3. Useful Tips

  • Tip No. 1- Offer catchy discount codes

This tip might prove to be useful for you. By offering a discount code for your first-time customers, you will not only have customers but you will have good contact with the manufacturers too. Everyone gets attracted to discounts, and why won’t one hire you for all the stocks if they are getting it at a lower price be it for once only.

  • Tip No. 2- Use your accounts

Sometimes, your customers might be on your friend’s list. One of your friends might be looking for someone like you. So don’t forget to share the URL of your website in the bio of all of your social media accounts. This might help you with some of your regular customers and good deals.

  • Tip No.-3 Don’t overdo

Never send multiple messages to any of your customers. They might get irritated and ignore the important one. Rather than sending low promotional messages try investing time in making some valuable and authentic customers.

  • Tip No.- 4 Join Online Communities

Know the power of online communities; join all the community groups on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. you should conduct research and lookout for people who need your help in their business. Try to create your own image in front of them and try to build a good connection with your target audience. One you are known for your work, you can share a link of your store along with your website offering them discount codes. You might find the following communities useful:

  1. r/entrepreneur
  2. r/eCommerce
  3. Shopify entrepreneur Facebook group
  4. Grow and Sell Facebook Group

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