Facebook being the limelight of social media marketing discussion, but twitter is known to be the best social platform for real-time engagement. Twitter is an American online platform for micro branding and blogging where users can post their opinions and interact with each other via messages.

It was adopted as a communication and learning tool usually for college and university students in order to provide them with a platform for informal interaction with their faculty and their classmates. It proved to be a boom for an introvert and shy student.

Twitter has been increasingly growing in the fields of branding and education. Surveys have concluded that 49% of the twitter users have been talking about branding and businesses. Even though Twitter has the potential as a marketing platform very few people hit twitter with the right strategy. People might not admit but at times their twitter account looks messy. Don’t you want thousands of followers and 10’s of retweets on your own tweet? Don’t you want to organize your Twitter account?

And yes, here I am giving you many of the hacks and tips on how you can be a Twitter Pro:

1. Create a Follow List

Once you finish registering yourself on a twitter account, the next step is making a follower list, as who are the people you want to follow? What kind of tweets do you want on your home page? Convert your twitter into a streamlined and a swift way of accessing all the tweets you want on your feed.

Twitter gives you an option of either creating your own list or following someone’s follow list. It would prove to be fruitful as you will only view tweets from people whom you are following or those who are on your follow list.


  • To create your follow list, follow the following steps:
  • Click on your profile – More – Lists. Then click create a new list.
  • Select a name for your list and give a brief description of it. Set your privacy settings and press enter and yes, you’re done. In future, if you want to survey your newly produced list you can simply go to your profile page and click on lists.
  • Now to add users to this list tap the gear icon next to follow button on any user’s account. By adding someone to your list, you won’t be following them.
  • You can improvise your list by adding and removing users from your list anytime.

2. Tweet Using Hashtags

In your tweets never include any link, rather than using a link try inserting more and more of hashtags. It is a great platform to initiate and build a relationship with people so acknowledge everyone’s response on your tweets.

It is said the more hashtags you use, the more engaged your tweet will be. A tweet gets 75% engagement in its early hours. A hashtag improves your reputation and becomes a more knowledgeable tweet. Now the question comes, How to create hashtags? Fr creating a hashtag you should know everything about your topic.

For example: If you are writing about a law firm try hashtags like #justice, #equalbeforelaw, #wewantjustice, etc.

If now to you find it difficult to find an appropriate hashtag for your tweet, here’s a solution you can find them in tools like hashtagify, it is a very easily accessible and free website where you can simply type your tweet and it will suggest you most congruous hashtag for your tweet.

3. Tweet at The Best Time

In order to attain most of the attention, try tweeting at the time when everyone is online. Try to catch more eyes for your tweets. Research tells us that the ideal time for tweeting is 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

So, you should try publishing your tweet at this time. You can also schedule your tweets to save time. Write your tweet whenever you are free and schedule it at the time when you want it to get generated. For doing this you will need to sign your account as an advertiser account.


  • select the compose tweet, you can also go to creatives and select tweets.
  • Select only scheduled tweets.
  • Now tap the compose scheduled tweets or compose a tweet.
  • A dialog box will appear on your screen.
  • Now start writing your message or tweet and in the end select the date and time.
  • After selecting your date and time tap the schedule tweet.
  • Then you’ll see a notification box. By clicking on this you can reschedule your tweet or see your tweet.

4. Gain More and More Followers

Now you want to get more and more followers on your Twitter account. For this, you should follow all the 3 steps and try to come up with more and more tweets per day. In your tweets attach more visual content than the written one, as an image catches more attention than the written part. Try to engage yourself in replying tweets and retweeting tweets that you like and support. For inviting followers to try creating an appealing profile and try to invite followers in your network. Also, try to find followers outside twitter. Tweet more often in order to get more attention and gain more followers.
You can also take help of the follower tools like Crowdfire, a very powerful which is used for branding, self-branding on social media. The most used twitter tool to grow your followers. With a very user-friendly interface, it is a very cool and comfortable app. With all the features like Follower, non-follower, etc it follows all twitter rules. Rather than using the bots which could lead to deleting your account on twitter and you won’t be able to recover it.

Now, not only twitter by signing yourself as a premium member at the cheapest price you will be able to link 10 social media accounts.

So, these all were some tips to be in the limelight of twitter by being active on twitter and some great hacks that I’ve listed above. By using them hopefully you will become a twitter pro and that too very easily.


Your personal branding is important like your product or service because your product or service could affect by market competition but once you succeed to create yourself as a brand then your product or service will be longlasting.

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, you should establish yourself as brand their.

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