Social media expands the opportunity for a business to grow and prosper their market reputation. What does online reputation means? It is a way how the customers perceive you, when they look for goods and services online. Why it so important in 21st century for a company to build online reputation? People today prefer using internet as their first source of information; this helps them to build trust and furthermore to make decision on what they find online. Thus it has become essential for a company to grow online so as to expand their business. Now one another big question arises as to how to build this reputation of a business online?

So here I have come up with 10 strategies that will enable you to build an online reputation.


Try to identify the most effective communication channels to increase traffic and online reputation of your business. There are a lot of online forums that provides you the opportunity for a business to display itself, these are: Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, pin interest, goggle+ etc.
You need to identify the number of audience using each of these platforms and arrange a list in ascending order. Be a little more active on the platform that provides more exposure than others. Remember a dead profile ruins the reputation.


The prime focus of building an online reputation relies on creating content worth moving masses. It should enforce the customers to come back to your site again and again. Be specific and try to create blogs.
The old age trend of writing blogs is once again capturing the market. A blog helps you create aware of your brand, update the blog regularly. Try being informal and connect with the users via conversational style. Be specific and innovative.


The users always connect to internet as their first source of information. Social media platform is another big way to capture online market, try being active and keep updating your blogs. An inactive profile looses followers immediately.
Post authentic blogs and make sure to update them every once in a while, so as to keep your followers engaged. The posts can be in the form of series of short stories, in this way you can better connect to the users. Keep the content entertaining, offer attractive images related to the post, use bullet points along with eye-catching small sub headings. Try adding conclusion, don’t let the readers feel disconnected, and encourage them to finish the article.


As the title suggests, it is important for a business to accept all the requests and opinion of the clients with an open heart. It would be great proof of your quality services to treat your client’s suggestions respectfully. Don’t just try to hear, instead listen! Go through the requests and suggestions of the users thoroughly and try to work on solving them.
Make efforts to reply to almost all the comments, even the negative ones. By writing polite and respectful answers to negative comments you may easily attract and impress the masses. Don’t forget to reply to the positive comments also, they try to bring positivity to work, and motivates a business to work even harder.
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The biggest area we all need to focus on is creating business logos and business cards for our website. This will make your site compatible and easy to identify. As soon as we see a big sign of letter ‘F’ in blue and white color we immediately recognize it as Facebook, similarly try coming up with a logo of your own. The same thing goes for the business card.
Try to focus on keeping the information in the business card short, crisp and eye-catching. Clear, brief text with background images is a must. For logo think of something that’ll connect with the idea and motive behind your company. You may introduce logo after an animal or bird to make it look interesting to the users.


Every aspect of building and online reputation includes highs and lows, a company should be ready for all the praises as well as criticisms coming their way, and should try to channelize this energy towards bringing positive changes. No matter how good a blog is, there are always people who are going to criticize.
They can even be your own opponents and competitors; you will always witness them writing bad reviews time to time. Be ready for such dissatisfaction and try to acknowledge it instead of ignoring, reply with utmost respect and kindness. Make them feel that their issues didn’t go unheard. This is the best way to ensure traffic to your blogs. A smart-sweet reply will appeal to the audience and other negative reviewers.


Sharing your experiences, events and achievements will make your website look attractive and appealing to the clients. This will also ensure your brand awareness and client’s trust in your website. Try to keep it real and authentic; don’t post fake or unacknowledged facts about the company. Focus on posting positive news more often, make sure it is not fake or over exceedingly flaunting. The users enjoy seeing some successful realizations.
To make it more attractive add images related to the event with a small description alongside. The users may even forward the positive news, building an online reputation for your business.


Make sure not to indulge in unnecessary arguments, this will affect your online reputation. The clients should be treated respectfully. Be responsive; don’t try to construct a bad image of a company by defending your side, this may lead you to entertain negative response from the users.
Never be shy to apologize and compensate for the inconveniences. Try to create a happy connection with clients online, be friendly and keep your relationship with your customers intact.


No one likes to read content with too much marketing pitch. Try following the market rule of 80%-20% and keep the proportion same throughout. The 80% should include the content indirectly related to the business, this is the portion which will keep the clients engaged and entertained with your post.
The rest 20% should be about the company and its purposes; this is the part where you can actually promote your business in a creative manner. The blogs and post should look less like self promotional and more like spreading awareness. Content with emotional elements can better connect with the audience. This strategy will help you to improve your online reputation extensively.


Analyze and evaluate your online reputation time to time. Generate surveys and go through the online reviews and comments of the clients for a better understanding.
Make it a point to do this often. Studying your current online reputation will help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to reach. This will also enable you to check success rate every once in a while. You may also Google your company name and see what comes up.


Building online reputation is hectic and a hard task. In an internet controlled age one needs to actively promote their online profiles. Hope these little strategies will provide you the basis to encourage a positive publication of your business.


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