Sales is one segment of a business that brings customer revenue and it is the job of the CEO or the head of the department to set the sales team in the right direction. Mark Wayshak had very correctly said- “Times are different in today’s market and sales people must adapt or die.” True to its very statement, times are fleeting and it’s changing and to understand the right customers, one must build a buyer persona. Buyer personas help sales teams to build the correct relationship with potential customers. There are 15 ways to succeed in sales:

1. Identify and Stick to Your Business

It is important to identify your potential customers in reference to your buyer personas and stick to the same clients. You don’t have to sell to everyone, you just have to responsible for the few who are genuinely interested.

2. Repeatable Sales Process

You need to set a consistent way of proceeding in sales, that being;

  • Getting to know your customers.
  • As and when you contact your client, be brief and mention the key points to not lessen the customer’s interest.
  • Ask for and utilize feedback, generate creative criticism and always work towards betterment.
  • Create a sense of warmness with the potential customers and create a sense of informality so they can discuss the problems they are facing.

3. Know Your Product

Before speaking to your clients, you need to be well aware of the ins and outs of the product you are selling to the customer in order to answer the questions and problems of your client to make it not only easier for them but for you as well.

4. Find Hacks and Shortcuts

To speed up your sales process, you should be able to find hacks to do so, like;

  • Shorten your meetings by being brief,
  • Label your important client e-mails,
  • Use the right tools,
  • Aim for expected responses from clients and keep ready answers,
  • Take aid from your marketing team,
  • Contain a decided script for every part of sales, etc.

5. Practice Active Listening

To bring ease between the client and the salesperson, he/she should practice the following:

  • Slow conversational speed
  • Be to the point and specify clarity in the conversation
  • Bring emphasis.
  • Listen to the issues and emotions of the client
  • Ask questions and be helping towards the pull backs and problems of the client.

6. Work Hard and Follow Up

Sales is always of the people, for the people and by the people.

  • It is always about what the customer wants, you need to work hard and follow up with
  • Ask for required changes in accordance with their needs.
  • Be concrete and decisive.
  • Ask if the service provided made them feel nice and safe.

7. Personalisation

To build a sense of trust amongst the customer and the company, there should always be a motive of personalisation between the two. To increase the interest of the customer, you need to have a stable ground built by trust. The client on trusting will be comfortable in being long term connected with the company.

8. Shadow Peers

Being an unsaid theorem, it is proved that job shadowing increases effectiveness amongst sales employees. However, the same can be criticised if the new starters start shadowing the top performer but fail to understand his technique. This leads to demotivation and stunted growth performance. In order to prevent the same, the top performance or head should practice the following:

  • Capture Motivational Practice:  The top performer or the head should call for meetings and share his experience while working in the field. This helps to hoist ego and develop confidence.
  • Bring Out Competitive Nature:  Set a sense of competition amongst all employees and give them weekly targets, not only will this aid in bringing out the best in them, but it would also keep engaged.
  • Work Together: working together in groups help to get tasks done fast and increases friendliness amongst peers.

9. Practice Socialisation

Socialization impacts human relations in small businesses in a very range of the way. It will help to boost your people skills and help one another.

10. Practice Honesty

Always be honest with your customers to build faith and manage customer relationship better because your whole business depends on your customers.

11. Solve For Customers

Always be there to help clients, and never leave it for them to understand things on their own. Be helping towards their doubts and never take leave until they are comfortable and happy.

12. Happily Take Rejection

You don’t always have to satisfy every customer, and you have to take every rejection or “not interested” in your stride and never take it personally. Out of the 7 billion in the world, you must only look for the small 100 or so who need you as much as you need them.

13. Balance and Take Breaks

You need to understand that handling your personal and professional life separately providing equal importance to each is crucial. You must at least get 8 or more hours of sleep, to prevent stress and health issues. The maximum motivation your job can provide to you is when you believe what you sell and take that motivation and apply in your daily life.

14. View Customer Success as Own

You need to build personal relationships with the clients and ask them for referrals, for people who might be interested in the same service provided to them. You need to view the customer’s success as your own, sales are in fact a win-win situation for both the salesperson and the client. If the customer is happy, so is the team. If the customer wins, so does the company!

15. Answer the Three W’s

To be a perfectly good salesperson, always answer the following: WHY: why the product is beneficial to the client. WHEN: when the product will start acting into effect. WHERE: where they can ask for help if needed.


In short, to succeed in sales, one must follow  P.A.P.A P: Predict (Predict the future, plan long term). A: Anticipate (Anticipate the result, be prepared). P: Plan (Plan the groundwork, work towards betterment, together). A: Achieve (Achieve the goal, and set your heart for the next chapter; for the new goal).

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