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1. Sales – Is it Really What You Think

You probably think that getting sales means getting your first client on-board.

You set up your business, came from no investment to a certain level of monetary term
and now you’ve got your first client! Kudos to you!

Thereafter, you assume that more clients will come and your sales will run like wildfire. And it
should be like that. After all, you’ve worked so hard for these returns.
Well, think again! Are you really confident that the next client is not far away?

What if it takes you another year to get your next customer? How would you survive your business till then?

Your first client might be a big shot but their work will end sometime.

There is this possibility that you may or may not end up getting the next big client.

The day you get your second customer is the day you will realize the definition of sales! Sales happen when you get your second customer.
The first one is just attraction, perhaps, a mere encouragement for your venture!

The first sale is an illusion for growth. When your sales get the tag of recurring, then it is
worthy of being called ‘sales’.

Bookish definitions of Sales come to no use, hence in this small version of a Sales

Guide, we will learn some new and crisp sales etiquettes.

2. Why Sales Never be Called Easy?

Did you ever hear anybody refer to selling as an easy sport? Yes! Well, you heard a lie.

It was never easy and it will never be easy too! Selling is an Art wherein you cannot hint the person
you’re selling to know your agenda.

our customer needs to be oblivious of the fact that you are there to sell.

If they come to know, they will start acting all weird and negative towards you.

You’ll know when it happens. Now, Sales is all about not making your customer go to this extreme edge. And that is the reason, it’s a tough sport.
To play this tough sport, you’ve got to ease yourself first and then, make your customer
comfortable. Comfortable in just talking to you!

Engage them in a meaningful conversation and make them remember you. Now, pitch your idea when they become too interested in your personality.

If they don’t like the person who is selling, they would never like the product!

Instant gratification will not be visible in the sales field ever!

Your customer needs persuasion and if you give the right amount of the same, it will be a win-win
for both of you!

3. Customer Will Never Care Your Feelings

Oh! So, you thought that people are listening to you and showing their interest in your product? Well, that might not be the case!
Your customer is a selfish person. Please imbibe that in your mind Even if they are showing interest.

They might now be engaged, even 35%. Such statistics are very risky for your business.

So, how do you increase your customer’s interest and care?  Again, think deeply! They want to be interested but only when their name arises. Right? Hence, talk about them.

Talk about their problems, challenges, solutions they are looking for, even how their day was for that matter.

Let them understand that you care for them even when they don’t. It might look like a one-sided relationship at first, but trust me!

Your customer will start to reciprocate the same feelings once they are given the assurance that your product is their need and want.

Adding to that, once they are impressed by you and your product, they will be telling about you to hundred other people. Here comes your next potential client!

4. Not Let the Customer Know Your Agenda

The more you listen to them, the more you will talk less.

Now, I know you are eager to pitch your ideas and just make a sale and get the hell out of there.

Well, by this time, in reading this book, you know that will never be the case. A sales deal is very similar to how your mother makes you eat dinner.

She cooks for you, calls you multiple times, makes you sit near her, offers more than two servings and listens to your endless work crap In the client’s office, you are their mother.

You need to cook up all the questions for them, Follow them until they call you to their office, make them sit comfortably, offer more than two benefits and listen to the endless challenges they are facing.

And what do you think will happen next?

Your product is sold! Sold at the price you wanted.

Because you were empathetic with your client, they made you their confidant.

Your permanent customer now because they somehow get this idea that ‘you are there for them’. And, most certainly, you are! Aren’t you?

5. Why Body Language Matter in Sales

Because that is what your customer sees. The way you walk, the way you talk, even the way you sit and keep your hands on the table!

All the ways that you change your body movements, your customer is watching you.

So, by now you’re probably feeling that you are giving an interview. Well, you’ve reached the second round. So, congratulations!

For instance, keeping your hands folded across your chest might give them the idea that you are not very flexible to negotiate. 
For instance, keeping your hands folded across your chest might give them the idea that you are not very flexible to negotiate. 
Or, keeping your back straight and chin high will give them the idea that you are confident about your product and have put all your effort into building it.
Now, this technique can be used to judge your customer too! If your customer tilts their eyes to the left in the middle of the conversation, means they are thinking, thinking deeply!

If they look up with their head facing the ceiling, it means they are trying to get some air from your talks and you probably, need to shift the conversation to a positive note.

Sales are tough but can be made double via these miniscule techniques.

Do you agree that body language is vital in sales

6. Why Plan B is Essential

You are in conversation with your customer and suddenly, he /she says, ‘I am not really able to understand what your product is doing for me’ or ‘I do not think this is of any use to me’ or some other negative statement.

Now! You are in stuck.

Plan A is almost failing. Your hands are sweating. Even your face is cringing.  Well, we have all heard that never keep a plan B as that may give out the idea that you want your plan A to fail.

Disclaimer: Not in sales! Plan B is essential here when such misunderstandings happen between you and your precious client.

A plan you can retract to when things go wrong.

The plan might need modification every now and then and as and when it improves, your selling will become even more stronger and persuasive.

Make sure your plan B script is read whenever you go out for your next sales meeting.

7. Negotiation – A Big Part of Sales

The biggest part of selling, I must say! When you negotiate efficiently, your product gets the price it deserves.

Always keep in mind that your product is made up of all your Effort and Time.

You need to be paid for that. And set the bar high! Higher enough so your value doesn’t degrade

and at the same time, still at par with the market rate.

Nobody would pay higher than the market rate unless you have a big name or brand! Maybe not even then!

When you believe in your product, you will make your client believe in it too. When they are convinced enough, then comes the main part. 

Your pay check time! How much would you be willing to negotiate is what they are thinking!

Never quote a high price and then close the deal at a price lower than your value, no matter how desperate you are!

Your client will never trust you that way.

Giving you the deal will be far off even.

Well, you will negotiate to your value, always keeping in mind your efforts. A smart trick is to not lower the price and increase the features/benefits you will provide them with, and don’t forget the customer support.

Most of the clients need that now. That somebody’s there with them when the product gives them troublesome days.

Always keep yourself on your client’s level or a notch higher because you made the product, the did not!

You are solving their problem! Not the other way around. It’s a learning curve that you will establish. Negotiation is a major chapter in your sales book. Make sure you spend enough time polishing it.
This is one chapter that can only be learnt in the field. Of course, you can read best-selling books and create the best-selling plan that nobody can deny.

However, when you face your customer, it all needs to be in your head so that you can take quick actions. Quicker than them and beat them in the thinking pace. And bam! The sale is done.

8. Facts & Number You Can Rely Upon

Hear me out. There is this proven theory that our brain has two parts S1 and S2. S1 sees the easy to recognize and realize objects specifically.
For instance, you see a ‘Red’ bus. How do you know the bus is red?

Because your S1 is working correctly! on the other hand, S2 makes calculations, makes your mind think more and is a little harder to please.

Now, quick! Tell me what 4563 x 6789 is? Can you? No!

Neither can I! Because we need time. We humans aren’t chatbots. So, this was your S2 trying to see the numbers and faint. S2 can do that calculation but needs more time.

Don’t worry! Your S2 is fine too.

Now, when your customer is losing a little faith in your conversation. Bring in numbers. Statistics!

‘Around 60% of Americans have benefitted from our product’. Sounds impressive, right?

Because 60% is seen by their S2 and it was easy for it to configure. When you please that S2 conscious, your customer feels happy, relaxed, perhaps!

Everyone believes in facts and figures. Hence, make your list of stats to keep your customer’s S2 in peace if

you want their interest maintained. Make a note right now. The next time you visit a client, keep your numbers in hand.

9. Why Sales Can be Referred to as a Sport

The commonality between any sports and sales is ‘Teamwork’.

If your colleague does not stay in office and handle your already in-hand clients, how will you go out and earn more leads?

If you’ve just started your business, you probably do not have a sales team.

Well, you do have a family. They are your team, aren’t they?  Either ways, you need to be good at this sport and support your team in the process.

Another common attribute between sales and sports is rejection.

Sportspersons prepare for their game, fall in the series, come back up again.

Sports teaches us to make a mistake and fall.

However, it also teaches us to not be affected by that fall, how small or big it was and rise to our virtue.

Many a time, in the selling process, you will get rejected, on call or in person.

You are a human being and hearing a ‘No’ will bring out your dark side eventually.

This is the reason cold calling does not give out many results.

You keep calling a potential consumer until they are irritated and eventually, end up with energy and money loss.

One last similarity, sports teaches us the spirt of competition. Woah! ‘Sales’ is competition.

But then, healthy competition. You will constantly be competing with your competitor and trying to be better.

Competing with the bigger brands that don’t need to compete with you. And competing with the limited time, energy and resources you have.

Oh! Also, playing a certain kind of sports exudes fun. And sales too can be referred to as a fun job. The statement in between these lines is, ‘Only when you are prepared for it, it’s fun!

10. How to Challenge Your Customer

When you need to make a big sale, you need to question your client’s belief system. Things that they look up to.

Mind you, just question! Not removed from the roots. Just challenging is enough to make them interested in your product.

When you challenge a person’s belief system, only then he/she shows interest in your pitch.

This cannot be done without proper research about your customer and his/her interests.

Hence, homework needs to be done carefully.

For instance, When a Smartphone making company’s advertisement says, ‘Our phone is waterproof’. Can you believe them? No.

You might throw the phone in water to check. And might end up with a damaged phone.

But then, you did throw it into the water. They challenged your belief that electronic gadgets cannot perform under water and you got this sudden urge to buy the phone and try testing it.

Well, their sale was made in just your belief testing. You cannot even control that urge.

You just have to do it once you are challenged. Imagine your customer having this urge for your product.

building is what will get you, maximum customers.
Give a challenge! Even give the solution. Then, wait for your money. It’ll come soon after.

11. Why Building a Sales Team

As suggested earlier, Sales is a team sport. What will you do if one day you fall sick and you have

a client meeting? Send your kid? No!

Well then, you see the picture! You need a sales team. It can be in-house if you have a lot of money or even outsourced if you have limited funds.

Finding the right people will be difficult but that is the only key here. Probably someone through reference, whose trust Worthing capabilities cannot be questioned.

Or some good professional from a job site, finding who would take ample amount of time and let’s face it, you don’t have any.

Hence, the former is suggested.

Now, after you hire around four to five sales professionals, now is training time and soon, you would need to manage them one-on-one

Eventually, you would notice that you can delegate work to them efficiently and your work is done in half the time and now you can focus on the more important and time-consuming tasks.
Isn’t that a great picture?

Well, keep this picture in mind and hire the best resource that you can get. Increase your team and eventually, Sales!

12. Keeping Your Sales team as a Team

You have brought your sales team on board. They are starting to like you and you like them even more. But then, this won’t stay for too long.

Wait till the first failure or breakdown. What do you need to do to ensure your team does not break down at the first downfall?

It’s a given that your team would come back up stronger! However, only if it does.

First measure you take is keeping them hydrated. No! Don’t ask them to drink two litres of water every day!

Just take them out every once and a while for lunch, or perhaps, a long brunch, as you please!
Maybe an annual trip to the nearest vacation spot.


They will stay with you if treated like family.

Second, never ignore any teammate when they need feedback or call out for help. They need your experience and advice.

I understand you are ‘busy’ and trying to focus. Well, tell them that and call them later. Never forget to attend your team players. They are important! And you need them. They? Not so much!

Third, Understand and realize their value. The efforts they are putting in to run your sales. All that sweat needs to be rewarded from time to time.

Not necessarily in monetary terms. Maybe you can write an appreciation note for a small-scale achievement and some bonus for a huge success!

And applaud them in front of the whole team. Recognition will keep motivating them to strive harder and strike every time. These three steps are easy. You can perform them innately.

What you need to understand deeply is that you are offering them money for their work.

In return, they are offering you their time. Now, time or money. Which is bigger?

Am I hearing you say Time? No? Well, Money can be earned back. Think it through first!

The correct answer is time. They can pay you back anytime.

You can’t bring their time back. Hence, let them utilise it wisely and bring your Sales on time.

13. How to Work With an Outsourced Team

If you’ve just started your business, your sales team will be outsourced. It is harder to work with a remote team, but the perks are no less. Keeping track is the key.

For instance, you call your team member 1 and he does not pick up. You call team member number 2.

She does not pick up either. Now, you start to panic and feel kind of cheated in just a span of two minutes.

There is an antidote, but you might not like it. Do you want to know?

Be Patient!

Well, the twist in the plot is getting a Sales management system. These things run like wildfire online.

Now, your plan of action is assigning tasks to your team members via this system.

Well, the twist in the plot is getting a Sales management system. These things run like wildfire online.

Now, your plan of action is assigning tasks to your team members via this system. They will get a hint of what they need to do in the whole day and you will stay relaxed.

These platforms are made beautifully and work well. The plus point is they are affordable. I mean, can it get any better?

This solution kills two birds with the same stone. Why do you ask?

There are team members who are shy in nature and don’t like speaking on your level.

With this system, they can just text. So, no awkward pauses while conversations. And, these platforms help you keep all your company knowledge in one place.

No hassle of paper documents. Your employee knows what he/she needs to work on! You know when they will submit. And when they do, you can see it immediately.

Sales management systems will solve half the challenge for you.

14. How Online Platforms Help

You are already using your phone all the time. Might as well, put it to good use for your business. Just a few posts every day or maybe just one funny GIF.
You might think, who is even seeing these. What if I tell you all your clients use a Smartphone too? I know you won’t argue.

The thing to understand here is you are bringing your presence in their daily routine, so they don’t forget you.

<div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="8282901" data-share-method="host" data-width="100%" data-aspect-ratio="0.7891566265060241"><a href="">Funny Smile GIF</a> from <a href="">Funny GIFs</a></div><script type="text/javascript" async src=""></script>
They might not even like the post, but they definitely will think about you. And that’s all is needed.

Use LinkedIn and Quora more as they are professional platforms for enhancing your business user base.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can be used informally for anecdotes, innuendos, funny videos, pictures and what not!

Also, this way you have created an online presence. Now people can reach you through these platforms. A substantial percentage of your potential customers will come through these sources now.

And, you know how fast Social media is. Just a click here and a click there and Whoops! You’re Famous suddenly! The right number of clicks is needed though to get success in this one.

15. When Sales Growth is Low

They will be low for a substantial period. Now, this is a cliched suggestion but all you need to do is not stop.

A lot of intellectual people, who have probably written a lot of books say that starting something is easy, even ending it is easy. So, what’s the catch?

60% of your effort is needed in the mid-portion. The time when you don’t see a clear future and Sales are downsizing.

Adding to that, you stop believing in yourself and your team and want to leave everything at once. 60% is a lot. And I am not saying, you can do it. I am saying, you will do it.

You will replace your cans with wills. We all can. All you need to do is take one more step. Just

one more step. I mean, how can you stop so close to the diamond mine!

The starting and stopping phase just amount to 40%, i.e., 20% each. But this 20% will get you a lot of motivation to face the 60% that is coming your way.

16. When Sales Are Boosting

This is tricky. Everything is going great. Your company is almost on top, Money is flowing in from all sections, all the hard work you did is finally paying off and you are planning your next vacation.

Have all the fun you want and take your time to intake all that is happening. Applaud yourself with tons of gifts and what not! Whatever you need.

So, the first rule is ‘Don’t forget to celebrate’. It’s the best part, or so I’ve heard.

Celebrate like it’s the last success of your life.  Know when to stop! That’s it!

Go on to the next lead, the next morning coffee, the next client meeting, perhaps even the next success celebration.

I am not saying to keep judging your confidence all the time. ‘Am I too confident?’

Should I look more confident?’

All these questions will just waste your time. The correct percentage of confidence comes with knowing your worth.

Knowing how much value you are leveraging to your customers. The best way of knowing this is customer feedback

So, when your business is a little slow and Sales are not so high, you go and get feedback.
Day in and out. And don’t just leave the feedback as it is. Try implementing one or two things you liked. Another thing you’re accomplishing with this extravaganza is keeping in touch with your clients.

Making them know that their response matters to you. Customer is the topmost priority in Sales. Do I hear a ‘Yes’?

Eventually, time will pass on and your Sales will come back up. Now, you even have your customer’s support. Celebration time! Yet again.

Does Sales need a Conclusion

I am giving it anyway. Also, please don’t switch to the last point after viewing this sub-heading in the index! I am warning you!

This twenty-minute read is of no use if you jump to conclusions.

Sales are of no use if you have decided to jump to conclusions every now and then. When you take hasty decisions out of this conclusion jumping, Sales leaves your door and goes to some other’s.
Probably, your competitor’s!  Will you be able to hide the envy? No? Then, keep your instincts tight. You would need them.

Start looking at conclusions as just random thoughts your mind produces which need to be thrown in the dustbin.

Sales is vicious cycle and always will be! You will find your customer, pitch your product, win their heart, get your money, celebrate with wine and the next day, go back to the next client.

And honestly, this is how it should be. Until you hand over your experience and work to the next person who can carry forward your legacy.

Until then, you will keep going. Have you started feeling the ease I do? Is Selling easy suddenly? No? So, it’s just me! Wow! And you started thinking I was modest! Hell no! Go get your next customer before I do!

BYE BYE……Hope it will help!

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