With the invention of computers and machines, the capability of performing tasks has been increased way higher than before.

Previously, working on any task manually used to consume a lot of time but slowly and gradually, when computer machines emerged, with the help of them work could be completed in lesser time as compared to be done manually.

With the passage of time, people became dependent on these technologies for various works. This helped them a lot as it had merit that there was a reduction in the time consumed.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an array of technologies ranging from machine learning to natural language processing which permits a machine to sense, learn, act and comprehend. This artificial intelligence transfers the relationship between people and technology, charging our skills and creativity.
In computer science, AI research is described as the study of “intelligent agents” which signifies that any device perceives its environment and takes certain actions which maximize its likelihood of successfully acquiring its goals and objectives.

The term Artificial Intelligence is practiced when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions which humans assist with other human minds.

Such as learning and problem-solving. In 1956, AI was founded as an academic discipline and in the years since has rounded various waves of optimism. AI makes a machine or a software think intelligently in exactly the same way humans think and in fact, they are much faster than human beings.

Digital Marketing

In the digital business market, AI has a huge impact. Businesses build and bring up the strategies with the help of AI and this has built more confidence in using AI. These kinds of tools keep evolving and just take businesses one step up.

Technology has made humans dependent on them for different purposes. Both artificial intelligence and machine learning will be the most prominent data initiatives in the coming year, according to the survey done by the professionals.

And, in fact technology like Salesforce has also mentioned that AI is used by almost 51% of marketers and 27% more are also planning to incorporate AI system in their business.

The technologies are so far upgrading and so the world is also upgrading.

A digital platform is the only platform where one can reach thousands of heights

AI is so advancing that it is practiced in several fields, for example hit music songs can be generated, virtual chef guiding you for recipes while preparing the food, et cetera.

Probably, the day is not far when AI will be much in the forefront that it will be letting us know the fortune of people that you might have not imagined ever.

Goals of Artificial Intelligence

  • To create a system expert in exhibiting intelligent behavior, learning, demonstrating, explaining and giving advice to its users.


  • Apply human brain within machine which means that a machine can think like a human and even faster than a human and can also perform various functions like understanding, thinking, learning and behaving like humans.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Here are some applications of artificial intelligence which can take us to the new heights of the digital world

1. Creating and Generating Content

Till date, AI is not competent in writing its own political opinion for newspaper columns or a blog post. But, there are certain areas where AI can help us in creating contents which can solicit users or visitors towards your website.


And this can help you in saving a lot of time and also the valuable resources because AI can write reports or news if the set of data and information is provided. Different variety of intelligent and smart tools such as Wordsmith, Quill, and Articoolo are in use for creating news, which generates, leads and also clicks towards your website.

Templates can even help you in creating more creative and unique contents which seems as if a human has written it. Numerous articles are created with the help of this wonderful technology.

2. Content Curation

When an individual persistently searches, organizes, annotates and fragments the most admissible and highest quality digital content on a peculiar topic for their target market.

content curation

Content curation is when you write a data or information for someone else.

And AI does not only helps in creating the content but also helps in curating the content. Because content curation with AI will help better in connecting to visitors on different websites and shows more relevant content to the users.

3. Digital Advertising

Digital advertising or internet advertising is the one which mostly embraces AI tools and technologies.

Advertisements are developed with the help of various tools and platforms where these advertisements are published are mainly social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, et cetera.

digital advertising

Because people are now more connected to social websites, it provides a plus point to an advertiser in getting more likes and followers for a particular advertisement.

For example, Remarketing which commits adding a tag to Google Adwords to pages on your site. You can put people on a list for a similar keyword or a search term when they visit that particular page.

Now, from there itself you can formulate a market campaign so that these viewers see related ads whenever they find for the same terminologies or the similar ones.

4. Email Marketing

AI is used by brands to make email marketing more personalized. This also helps in better connecting with people which in future may turn into your clients.

email marketing

Machine learning can examine millions of data about the consumer to than clinch the best times and days of the week to connect with the user, and the content that attracts the user, and also which email subject is more clicked by the users.

5. Searches

Search Engine Optimization and Internet searches are the two biggest advances in artificial intelligence which have revolutionized the world.

These two includes voice search, RankBrain, and Google’s algorithm. Applications like Apple’s Siri, podcast, Google home have made searches easy.

google search

In one click you can get the desired information or data and even you can also operate Google at your voice command too.

Just speak whatever you want to search and within few seconds, the result will be displayed. Google is amongst the top SEOs in the world and using the power of AI provides a user with the best suited results.

6. Web Design

It encompasses the design of an organization web page online. It consists of certain elements like layouts, colours, graphics, fonts, contents which makes a web page look more attractive and interesting.

The way your website seems and the content it contains, all come under web design.

This makes your website look much more professional and you can also utilize the help of tools like Grid which uses ai to design a website.

7. User Experience

By using artificial intelligence, it is possible to personalize an experience on a website.

Because an AI displays content that is more appropriate for each user type.

user experience

It is rightly said that good user experience will keep the audience browse on a site, and when they like it they automatically spend more time on that content.

8. Chatbots

Chatbots are a kind of user-friendly tools which helps in communicate by transferring automating responses to the potential buyers.

Because this provides a way to search for the product and services the user is exactly looking for Social websites like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc are being used by top brands to communicate with the consumers.


Chatbot enables us to answer open questions to find the right results. The biggest advantage of a Chatbot is that it is available 24/7 for their clients and is also user – friendly.

For example, Sephora, a brand that uses chatbots to provide its sellers with beauty advices and also offers them the best cosmetics according to their needs and requirements.

9. Predictive Analysis

It is used to identify the probability of future conclusions based on the history of data with the help of machine learning techniques.

predictive analysis

It ensures the probability that the particular person can become the client or prices which may attract consumer and also which client is more prone to purchase from your organization. The marketer will plan accordingly with the help of this application of artificial intelligence.

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Advantages of Using Artificial Intelligence

Here are some excellent benefits of artificial intelligence which help us a lot.

1. Error Deduction

By using an AI technology the chances of risks can be reduced and chances of reaching accuracy with the greater degree of precision increases.

2. Daily Application

Use of social media websites on daily basis is a requirement by everyone now a days. And applications like Facebook, Twitter, etc are some of the websites used on daily basis. This helps in managing and organizing data on a single system.

AI can help in detection of fraud users by enabling a smart card based system which is must for banking institutions and financial institutions for security purpose.

3. No Breaks

A human needs rest at a point of time but machines are fast and do not require rest or breaks like humans require. They can work continuously for hours and hours without taking any pause or gap.



Artificial Intelligence and technology are one side of the life that always interest and surprise us with the new ideas, topics, innovations, products etc.

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