The Untold Secret to Increase Traffic for your Website Has your website been lifeless lately? Ever tried various methods but they didn’t work? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. “How do I increase traffic for my website?” is a common question. Now, you can spend hours on the internet looking for the answer among thousands of search results (Sounds tiring, right?), OR you can spend 5 minutes to give this answer a read (Sounds better to me!).
Here, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most effective ways to drive traffic to your website

1. Create a Resources Page

You can create a page dedicated to writing good reviews for praising companies or individuals you admire.

Then send out a tweet to each person/brand to let them know that you’ve included them. Since everyone loves sharing posts that make them look good, there’s a good chance that they’ll share your page. This way, you can tap into the massive outreach of these influencers and increase traffic to your website.

2. Start Posting on Medium

This site boasts of over 60 million readers a month! Enough said. So, if you don’t have a blog on Medium yet, make one and start growing it.

You don’t have to write new content though. You can just republish your old content here and share it with new readers, without any penalization from Google.

3. Use QR(Quick Response) Code

This is the best way to connect the offline world with the online one. To get started, generate your code from QR Code Generator.

Here is my website QR Code which helps me to connect people very fastly. You can create it also by Avasam QR Code Generator. You can print this code on your t-shirts or your mugs and show it around! But, the code isn’t enough. You need to put up an attractive headline with it to draw people in.

4. Stumble Upon

StumbleUpon allows users to find new pages and websites by the click of a button.

Be patient for a while until your website gains traction, and after it does, your content will be shown more frequently. This is a good way to maintain traffic on your website.

5. Controversy

In the digital world, nothing interests people more than controversy.First, find a popular influencer you disagree with, and then write a detailed argument against the author’s post. It’s important to be sensible, civil and not offend anybody.  

Make sure to email that author with the link to your content. Often, the author will write a response to your argument with a link to your content. This will increase your traffic immensely.

6. Write on Quora

Quora is a plethora of questions and quality answers. You can add yours too, with links to your website.

Quora is a plethora of questions and quality answers. You can add yours too, with links to your website. If you write good, you will attract traffic. Go and Sign Up today!

7. Host a 30-day challenge

Everyone loves a challenge. But how does this increase traffic to your website?

The challenge engages the target audience and gets them to share it with others. Do take your chances! image source:

8. Organize a Contest or Giveaway

Offering free rewards to people is an effective method to gather attention. You can ask people to comment on your website.

Now, you choose a random comment and declare the winner. Not only does this upsurge traffic on your website, but it also establishes a connection with your target audience

9. Answer queries on HARO

Standing for Help A Reporter Out, this website helps the reporters with an expert quote, opinion or story.  

in return, they provide free publicity to their source, that should be, you. Who can say no to free publicity!

10. Make Your Content Versatile

Different people prefer different mediums for obtaining information. If your content is restricted to only a single medium, say, text, you’ll lose traffic eventually. To increase and maintain it, you must engage the audience with both audio and visuals. Like Mine…..Hehehehehehe! Hope it Helps!

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