When I told my brother about my earphones which were yet to be delivered, he got offended and scolded me for ordering online. From here an interview started between both of us. It started with the authenticity of the website and ended up with the customer reviews, though multiple questions were asked in between but he was quietly satisfied when I told him about all the positive product reviews.

What are the criteria you look for while ordering something? I am sure online reviews should be having their static importance. An online review can make or break your sales. With each negative review, you lose one of your expected customers. If you are not a fresher in online marketing and E-commerce you might be aware of the importance of online reviews. Here I am for you, explaining a few more ways in which positive product review can boost your business.

1. Builds trust and credibility

A customer doubts your credibility unless he is encountered with one of your customers. With a customer review, he feels more relaxed and will trust you. You can increase your credibility with positive reviews of your clients. In order to have an image try to capture reviews of some famous organization or a prominent person and publish it on your webpage, this will present an image where you will be signaled as a real deal sealer.

From research if any customer sees your fellow customer presenting the product’s brilliance, the chances of buying the product from your E-commerce increases by 12%. While presenting the reviews be honest, let them see your flaws by having a look at the negative ones too, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the negative one you should try to resolve the person’s problem with the product. This creates an impression of honesty and sometimes one negative review can be ignored in front of 4 positive.

2.Increases your business

Don’t become constant after reaching a level. You should always push yourself to achieve a little more. Here what I mean is that you should always try to increase your E-commerce business and increase your sales. For getting better results and forgoing high in your life it is always advised to build a strong base, similarly, you should always know your customer base. Also, you should gather all the knowledge about your online platform from where you are preceding or tendering your online marketing.

3.Boost your SEO

A term or acronym on every e-commerce businessmen’s lips is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With improving your client relationship and online reviews, improving your search engine result should go hand in hand.

The viewer searching out for your brand don’t only look about you but he wants to include the details like star reviews or customer reviews displayed under your brands name. Work on improving your SEO. It help a viewer find out whether your product sits fit for what they were looking and will suit your needs or not? Use curative keywords will add up and will have high score in search engines.

4.Brand awareness

For you your brand is everything and initially, you want everyone to know you, tell them about your existence. Online company reviews help you to get established. The idea from other podiums or any website customers would be attracted towards you as online customer builds a trust after reading online reviews about you. Once the viewer notices you and reads your reviews he will definitely end up looking for your website.

Now how can you preset your views and ratings in a sophisticated manner? Here are some simple tips for presenting online reviews for marketing.

  • Simply start with a question of whether this review was helpful or not.
  • While surfing the internet, everyone is short of time so no one will read all of your reviews. Give them a small summary of all of your reviews with the average review scores. This will save their time and on the other hand, will give them an idea about your reviews.
  • For encouraging all of your customers to give review you can sign small giveaways or some free coins on every 1 best and honest review on your product. This will encourage all of your customers who have bought the product to write a review.
  • If you are having reviews on your website already, try to use infographics to present average reviews like a pie chart or a graph. With this, they will understand your reviews by just having a glance at the infographics.

How and where you can use your customer reviews to boost your E-commerce business. Here are some tips.

  • By presenting reviews on your social media you can catch more eyes to your website. Also, you can request your customers to leave ratings and comments on your social website page.
  • On your website with every product provide its review, according to research with one review the chances of the viewer turning to a customer increases with 12% and with the increasing number of reviews the chances of becoming customer also increases.
  • Merge your reviews to all of your communication channels be it your webpage or social media sites or magazines, newspaper, etc. Try to include them everywhere. Also, give the number of reviews you are having on your website. This will increase your click rate and don’t forget to highlight your average review score.
  • The very important one- Manage your negative reviews. Reply to them timely. Be gentle and polite. Firstly, thank every reviewer for giving a review whether it is a positive one or a negative. While dealing with the negative reviews be time consciousness and always give them a solution with an apology that they had to face such a problem.


Your company will always be benefitted with a product review, be it a positive or a negative one. They help you to bring healthy changes which are required from time to time. They help you to boost conversion and maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. They provide you an extra leap in your sales and marketing.

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