What is digital marketing? Well, in not so many words, it is promoting one’s company/ product through different online media. This could be through applications, advertisement you see on social media, etc. Using digital technologies as a tool of marketing became a rage only in the 90s. This was also when the term was coined.
These have also expanded from the usual advertisements on social media websites to things like Email marketing, customizing the product and reaching the customers directly.
Even blogging and content creation by a website are statistically proven to attract more traffic to the website. Even if customers might not visit websites for products as much, the creation of regular content ensures new data being put up on the website thus attracting more traffic than websites that do not operate blogs.
Even more likely to garner attention than blog posts are video posts. Almost 90% of people are bound to always stop while scrolling and watch a video at least for the first 45 seconds. Further on depends on how catchy the video is. Video marketing is a proven marketing technique. This is also one of the oldest, considering advertisements on television are videos too.
Why we discuss marketing is because a large number of companies and startups today are engaging with numerous digital influencers across platforms. What is pertinent for these startups however is not the number of followers that an influencer carries, but what is the actual level on engagement per post.
A host of startups have complained about wasting money on marketing techniques that looked very sure-shot at first glance but did not work well. Which influencers to look at- how to ensure you get the most out of collaborations with digital influencers is important for companies today to understand.
Merely pumping money into digital marketing will not get you anything worth.
A lot of trend analyzers suggest working with a host of smaller influencers- who have 10-15,000 followers and a good amount of engagement on their profiles- these people will not even charge for an exhibition of your product and engaging with a large number of them would ensure you get your money’s worth. This is called the Nano influencer program, and a lot of companies are employing it.
Here, we discuss 10 digital marketing bigwig influencers that one needs to look out for.
She is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author on digital marketing. She also owns one of the largest marketing companies that along with offering services, also trains people in digital marketing.
She is widely known as the woman that developed and turned digital content marketing into the behemoth phenomenon that it is today. Large company surveys like Forbes and IBM have named her one of the biggest names in digital marketing today.
Another name that is absolutely synonymous with digital marketing is Neil Patel. He was honored by Obama for being one of the biggest names in the field. He runs YouTube channels for educating people in the discipline. He is an authority in the field of Search Engine Optimization.
He also operates a highly engaging blog on his website-which, in the manner in which it is designed and engages with the customers, is in itself an absolute testament to his skill. His website provides data on marketing trends within seconds. Techniques he dispenses are a must-have for anyone who seeks to create writing based advertisement content on an online medium.
He started off as an engineer who went on to create the mega-successful ‘Millionaire Mentor’ series on the social media forum Instagram. He went on to create several similar ventures which were very successful.
Stone says it took him a while to realize that he was skilled and interested in motivating people and creating something out of it. Capitalizing on this, he went on to create a massively successful personal brand on digital media.
He was named one of the top 30 tech entrepreneurs, after he made an impact in the digital marketing world after founding the website Moz, one of the pioneers in Search Engine Optimization
He quit college to form the company and quit only last year after two decades with the search engine marketing giant.
He has worked in the internet and digital marketing for some of the biggest companies in the world. Ranging from social media conglomerates to entertainment companies- his clientele ranges across the gamut.
He is indubitably one of the best people in the industry to learn digital marketing form. He has observed and studied the discipline and watched it perform from its nascent stages. He is a prolific writer, and has published several blogs and books on the subject.
One of the pioneers and the founder of the Actionable Marketing Guide, Heidi Cohen has been studying and working in marketing for over two decades and has managed to remain the most talked-about figures in digital marketing over a long period of time.
She attributes this to her being a perennial student of marketing. Her varied portfolio and the numerous behemoth clients speak volumes of her expertise.
Avinash is the man behind the digital marketing techniques of Google. He has earned his name for being the digital guru behind the Internet giant. Also the author of bestselling books, he has been awarded the most influential industry contributor on more than one occasion.
He is an instructor on the subject at several reputed universities. He specializes in marketing analytics.
He is one of the biggest names in digital marketing in India. He is an international speaker, writer on the subject. He has also co-founded a website called DigitalVidya to train and offer digital marketing services.
In an interview, in a jocular fashion Chopra says that his passion for the discipline has led him to believe that internet connectivity is more basic a need than even water supply.
This digital media marketing mogul is commonly known as the founder of the search engine roundtable. He is a regular on several conferences on the subject, and is quoted by the largest newspapers, writes opinion pieces for them and also serves as an advisor for companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other media giants.
She is an authority on digital marketing for Facebook. She may not operate across other platforms but has been hailed as the best in marketing only because of her work on Facebook- setting the standards and with other social media websites aping her marketing techniques.
Mari also operates several courses on her website and is a prolific blogger.

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