Over the years, everything has come online and everything is selling online. People love to go to the internet for even a tiny need they have. Well, this is the power of the digital world. it will make people want to use it more and more.

Now, when everyone is heading towards the internet then who is there to serve them? Of course, it’s the ones who are running their business online. Just a few years back, having a website of your own was a ‘big deal’ and people would really go crazy about how advanced you are with your technology in business.

We can cut slack for the businesses that are already well-settled in the market but the newbies, the small businesses can’t just afford to not have a website of their own.

For those who have come to read this article are certainly already well-acquainted with the fact that making a website is quite easy. The tough task is to make it a successful website.

Having several online website templates, today almost everyone can create a website of his own. That’s not what is going to make your business go up, no! You need to be more creative than that and of course, shed a little money on getting your own portal

A winning website can not only give you a great brand image and make an amazing home for your online business, but it can also provide you with huge monetary benefits. The views, clicks, visitors, etc that your customer or even a random window shopper is making can pay you some bucks.

According to the American customer satisfaction index, Amazon is the #1 company in the sense of customer satisfaction

A successful website can serve the purpose of having achieved your goals that you’ve set for your business.

Sure there are many things to take care of while making a great website, some which included a professional design, amazing photography, clear and authentic content and so on.

However, there are some underlying secrets which you should know to make your website a big hit! Read on to find out what are these secrets.

You’ll Learn These 8 Topics in This Blogcool

The Bigger Picture

Content is King

The Bigger Investment

Inbound Link

Goal Driven Approach

Testing Your Website

Set A Value

Listen Your Customer

1. Bigger Picture

Usually, people think of going step-by-step in achieving the best website but what they miss is to have a bigger picture in their head!

For example, if you have an online business and you want to create an e-commerce site then, of course, your goal will be to sell your products online through that site.

For example, if you have an online business and you want to create an e-commerce site then, of course, your goal will be to sell your products online through that site.

Now, you will follow all the conventional methods to design your website and take all the tips that you need. however, what’s going to make a difference is how you look at your website and what are your goals with your website. Naturally, the foremost goals are to sell products online but that’s what everyone else is going.

Take your imagination on a higher notch and think about how your website will make a difference in how these products are sold online. The picture should be that your website is giving a new life to your business as a whole rather than just selling products online.

2. Content Wins

When you go online and surf through hundreds of website, what’s one thing that strikes to you? I’d say it’s the content and the way that they are delivering their information to you.

image Source: izea.com

The most appealing content is the one that settles well with the trends and understands the psychology of the visitors of the website.

For say, if you have a website that sells mobile accessories than the best way to display your products would be through using the kind of content that is floating in the market. This small but important factor can add up to your website

3. The Bigger Investment

To design a website and to run it can be a daunting task and you’d need to get some hired experts at your disposal to perform those tasks unless you can do it all by yourself.

It’s not completely impossible to have a hit website overnight if your website is targeting the right audience and is designed for the right time.

It’s important that you keep on re-evaluating it rather than just design it and leave it to bake itself. That surely isn’t going anywhere!

Like, you’d need a content writer, a graphic designer, an IT person, etc. To speak of, these are the small investments you are doing on your project but what it needs more than that are your time and efforts.


4. Inbound Links

Links can take you to great places! If you are putting up blogs or any content then make sure that you are putting inbounds links with it. These links can be of any of the pages of your own blog, any other websites’, any forum or anything that is relevant to be linked at that place.

Link Building Statistics

A survey conducted by Google Search Quality Strategist has shown that the two most important signals for ranking websites during searches are link building and quality content.

Inbounds links will help you in boosting your ranking and they are terrific for generating more traffic and conclusively, a successful website

5. Goal-Driven Approach

Now, it’s important to understand that there isn’t a universal formula for getting success or a successful website. Every business has a different path to achieve their goal and it’s necessary that you design your own too.

What you read and hear are just the factors that you can take care of, while you are making your own formula. Your formula solely depends upon your business and what is the goal that you want to achieve.


The goal-driven approach demands you to identify your company’s marketing needs as precisely as possible. To do it, you can simply break down your marketing needs and see how these can be achieved through a website.

After you are done with establishing what your goals are, you can move ahead and research about how these goals can be met through your website, what are the information and data you will need to achieve it. once you have such kind of information and data with you, you know what to do with it, you will put it up on your website. It’s going to give your website a certain kind of shape and a different perspective and obviously, it will serve you the right purpose.

6. Website Testing

You must have made the best business plan in the world and all the pieces must be falling in the right places for you but it might not work for you as well as you thought it would.

  • A/B Testing Performance

You might assume that your visitors are going to love your website and the reaction will be insane but let’s say that it’s just an assumption and it can go wrong as well. Fair enough. You must test your website in the real market before putting it on-air. Verbal feedbacks are not enough to ensure that it will be a hit for you.

You can try doing the split-testing to figure out what is the best version for your website. It goes like this: in a layman’s explanation, split testing involves making two different pages of your website where there are different variables put into use.
The basic idea and product are the same but the layout, design, colour, font. Content, etc can vary on the two pages. In the end, whichever pages get to be liked the most by the visitors, can give you an insight about what people actually expect and what your website should look like.

Image Source: Freepik.com

This might be a little more rigorous and time taking but it surely will take you a step ahead in determining whether your website will be a success or not.

7. Set a Value

Many times, the online business owners offer a really low price on their website for something that is sold in more money on some other website. This strategy is adopted to make sure that there are more customers and you give a hard time to your customers.

The better approach for a prevailing successful website should be to set an appropriate value of your product, a value that does not cost you a big slack in profit and is also affordable

Create Your Brand Value

Cheap items can be traffic magnet but in the long run, it will make your website look bad and your brand image can also be severely damaged because of it. It’s advisable to look out for a rather sustainable price for your product and your website can go a long way.

8. Listen to your customers 

Never underestimate the pivotal factor of having excellent customer care services. Whether online or offline, people really want to go to those who can hear them out and help them in resolving their issues.

Having a chat-room which is either manually operated or customized for a chat-bot, can be a great way of getting in instant touch with your customers and make a successful website. It does not just help them with their queries but it can also provide you with invaluable feedbacks which are a big driving force for online businesses.

A Satisfied Customer is The Best Strategy of All

Having a separate team to look out for customer support can prove to be really helpful and it will give you an edge over other websites. Just try to keep the time between customer’s reaching out and your helping out to be minimum and you’re good to go. People will definitely buy that!

Hope it Will Help You Guys!

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