?The thing about owning an online business is, even if you’re starting out a business or have been in the run for a while now, one thing you will continuously be doing from the very nascent stages of the business to the very last step is looking for more customers.

Most businesses irrespective of what stage their venture might be, are all ?looking to either create a customer base or expand upon the existing one. The dynamics of how garnering customers for a store that is operating online works is slightly different from the usual ways.

1. Flash Sales

One of the fastest?️ ways to acquire new customers is flash sales. Some entrepreneurs complain that one-off flash sales only attract customers for that particular day of sale.

A lot of business try and translate those users into regular customers by sending them information about daily deals, according to data and ?statistics gathered on their needs/wants.

Exclusive everyday deals could be offered to customers who sign up for ?newsletters of the website. To maintain a long term clientele, offer intermittent benefits to the customers. Give them reasons to continue to operate with your business.

2. Have You Considered Blogging?

Yes, might sound absurd to you. How could you possibly ?increase your customer base for online business by blogging?

Well, turns out blogging does wonder. By regular blogging, data is created and updated on the website very frequently. And good blogs also increase the search engine optimization of a ?website.

Make sure your content is customized to suit your website. Pick up on keywords. This could bring more ?visibility to your business. Keep it in mind to have your blogposts longer than at least 500-words. Google likes to pick up on slightly longer articles faster.

3. How involved is Your Website?

Make the interface of your web-page more attractive.  To increase sales, and ensure the customers have a ?good over-all experience with your website, make the entire purchasing a novel experience.

An instance of this would be the fashion e-commerce website LimeRoad. It introduced a unique style of ?shopping and making sure the customers stay engaged.

The customers can make style ‘scrapbooks’ for everyone to see, and for every scrapbook they make, they get Rs. 1 off from their purchase?️. Not only is this an enjoyable experience but it attracts more customers because of its highly engaging interface.

There are also interesting features included in this, like if someone shops from a style scrapbook that a person has created, that person will get Rs. 100 off from a purchase they make on the website. This helps the e-commerce website increase its customer base exponentially by word of ?️mouth.

4. Amp up Your Marketing Techniques

Sure, you have your ?marketing techniques in place. But to make sure you locate new customers, have all your marketing techniques become targeted.

Targeted marketing means creating ?‍?‍?‍?  advertising with the intention of pandering to the audiences in question.

A broader marketing technique, while will definitely do things along the lines of increasing one’s ?company’s brand visibility etc. but might not do a lot to increase customers right then.

However, targeted advertising, in say even a small area, would have results. If you make your business visible on the Google search when someone is looking for certain products, or create visibility for it on Google ?️maps. So set smaller targets, make it very goal-oriented and keep track of the progress intermittently.

5. Turn Customers into Marketers

Give the existing customers minute discounts upon sharing certain ?links or even for advertising the business on their social media forum.

Referral links where the existing customers could send it to whomever they please. Upon new people signing up through the reference of existing customers, the ?latter gets better discount deals on the website. Make the rewards very task-specific.

It will give incentive to the existing customers to work and garner new customers for you. This is an oft-followed network of marketing among a lot of ?e-commerce websites. It is proven to be dependent too.

6. Conduct Surveys

More than just rolling out a generic marketing campaign for brand advertisement, which ?helps more, and one keeps stressing on that, is targeted advertising.

The mistake most companies make is that they do not do adequate research for their potential audiences, to the ?point where they are not even sure of who their potential audiences are.

Thus, conducting surveys regularly is very important. Translating data and statistics into marketing ⚙️techniques is always more dependable.

7. General Word of Mouth

You’re not only ?building a business for yourself, but you’re also building a brand which is going to speak for itself. Establish yourself as a brand name.

A whole lot of companies lose out on customers or potential customers owing to being unresponsive to their problems. Respond. Respond to the customers, online, over email, over the ?phone, however, they choose to connect with you or express their grievances to you.

Fix their worries. The customers will love you for it, and it will generally also create a good brand name for you on ?social media. Several airline companies etc.

have been called out on social media for not even responding to major grievances that customers posted about them on social media. It reflected badly on them. Certain acts like engagement take one’s company a long?️ way.

8. Offline Pop-Up Stores

A host of new niche-industry businesses have known to exhibit increased online ?sales when they conducted pop-up stores across cities at targeted festivals or popular locations.

Make the pop-up stores interesting. Pass around leaflets for the online website. Give the customers the incentive to go online and look at your ?store.

9. Newsletters

Now that you’ve attracted ⏰first-time customers, think of ways that you can retain these customers.

Newsletters are a sure-shot way of accomplishing this. Not only do they give out updates on the new items or services that the company is offering but also offers ?️discounts and incentives to those that follow newsletters.


Having an E-Commerce website is good but you have to work on your marketing strategy otherwise your competitors will beat you. 

Analyse the strategy of giants like Amazon & Flipkart, how they become a trillion and billion-dollar company from scratch.

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