Who would’ve thought a new system of sending messages between computers developed by Ray Tomlin-son in 1971 would become an important part of the marketing world today. With so many different ways to promote and market your business specially the new media we should not forget that email marketing still holds a very significant position on the list. Yes, it can be difficult sometimes to choose which platform will be more suitable for your business or which one will work and worth putting the time and money into.

Whether you have a small business or a big established one, email plays as an important tool for brands. The success of any business relies on the way they connect with the consumers and how they motivate them to buy a product or service. Email marketing provides an opportunity to build relationship with your consumers, establishing trust, prove your value , meet people where they are and ability to convince them.

It is not only about understanding how important role email marketing plays but it is also necessary to look that how the execution of the email marketing helps  business to grow. For example, Uber app marketing  emails are usually very simple with a pleasing design which are short and informative at the same time. Their emails carry a descriptive headline and a clear call to action so that their subscribers can understand the offer and take action in the least amount of time. Uber emails have same palette and designs as their app as well as their social media, this is a tactic that helps them maintain brand consistency and reliability with customers.

Benefits of mail Marketing:

1. The first benefit of email marketing is that suppose you have just started your website and you are getting a couple of hundred visitors but you are facing difficulty in converting the traffic into actual customers, then here email marketing can help you.

Now a lot of websites have signed up forms, they use it to capture the email addresses of their visitors. With the help of emails you send to your audience, you are able to convey the value of your business over time and maintain good relationships.

Emails help the business to increase awareness about them, like if you deliver some valuable information to your consumers then they may want to share it with their friends or colleagues so in this way people will come to know about your business.

You can encourage your subscribers to share your email by adding a call to action that asks them to forward the email, it is particularly an easier way to bring your brand in front of the audience and increase your reach.

3. One of the benefits of email marketing is that it can help to increase traffic on your website, like when you send emails to your subscribers you can add links that can drive them back to your websites and don’t forget to add call to action on you emails.

Emails are capable of driving people back to your website, as you know what content they like so accordingly send them links and feed them the content they like. Again by driving them back to your site, your brand stays on top of their mind along with encouraging the audience to buy your products and services.

4. Emails are used to promote products and services, a lot of clothing apps do that now a days by using emails they influence people by showing discounts, emphasizing on how much time is left for the discount to provoke audience to take immediate action and sometimes adding extra credit to your wallet. So in this way the traffic converts to potential customers and then to the buyers or action takers
5. Emails can be a great way to establish customer’s loyalty and advocacy. By highlighting customer success stories and featuring user generated content like social posts and images, is a great way of showing how much you care for your individual followers and also by using customer testimonials or reviews listening to what people say about your brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Emails that Every Marketer Should Send

1. The first one is a welcome email to your new subscribers and customers, as we know that the first impression is the last impression so it is a perfect way to make your first impression. The welcome emails should be very casual, easy to read, make it warm and should have a conversational tone. Give your new subscribers discounts, perks and rewards for their membership.

2. Send regular email news, letters, promotions to keep your subscribers up to date as well as to drive them back to your site. The content of your email newsletters should be used to drive the attention to your latest features, blog spots or products. Use varied media including videos, screenshots, images, guides etc. and try to publish your newsletters on a proper consistent schedule.

3. For example, you must be aware of Next Draft it is a newsletter service headed by popular social media personality and journalist Dave Pell, this newsletter informs about the latest news and it is more specific to the United States, he recounts all the biggest stories from different sites in a more engaging language. The most interesting part is that his emails make reading news an enjoyable task.

4. Whenever you get new products available always inform your subscribers about it, so to maximize the sales and the revenues make sure to drive your audience to the site where they can find all the new arrivals. You can spark a desire in the audience and provoke the to take action by using images and screenshots of the products to compel them.

5. Testimonial emails are also a good option for promoting your products so for that first you have to take the approval from your customers to use their feedback. Then you can choose the best quotes as well as eye popping images.

6. In your emails you can include surveys which are going to help you in collecting the valuable information from your customers and then according to that information if it is required you can improve your products as well as work on providing better experience to your customers. You can add a discount for future purchase or a code for free shipping to motivate your consumers to take up the survey.

Now Comes the Cost of Email Marketing

1. Email marketing automation software that helps to create attractive emails, you can also use mobile-friendly templates on this software which makes it easier to generate proper emails.

2. Obviously a staff is needed to look after the email marketing campaigns, this is another added expense required.

3.having en email list is important , if you already have a list then you can start building and sending campaigns but if you don’t then you will need to dedicate tie and cost to build a list out.

4.Sometimes we need to hire additional help for content and creative department in email writing as you need someone who is experienced in writing email marketing content.

5.Working with an email marketing agency is another option if you don’t want to hire additional staff.


Email marketing helps business to reach largest number of audience in the most affordable ways. This affordability actually helps small businesses to maximize their marketing budget. One of the major benefit of email marketing is that it allows businesses to target specific audiences with their content and messaging, it increases the chance to bring leads who are more likely interested in your products and services.

While these are only the few benefits and a simple idea about what email marketing is the only one way you can learn about it is by experiencing it’s power by yourself.

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