How Virtual CMO Can Help in Online Sales?

With the ever-changing scenario in the marketing sector, the landscape is just getting wider with the passing time. It’s been over a decade now that most of the business has shifted to or expanded till the online? portal and so does the methods to grow them.

Small businesses, especially know how to get the out of the most from it and the evolving business industry has engineered many intelligent ways to make sure that they hit the bull’s eye?. Although there are a lot of existing methods of growing and enriching your business, something new keeps on coming every once in a while.

Functioning on the internet can be pretty convenient as well as overwhelming at the same time. For a company to grow?, there are numerous things that have to be worked upon and marketing has always been one of the most crucial and creativity-calling fields.

In spite of being one of the major components in the growth of a company, a lot of them forget to even emphasis upon it. Reason being, sticking to traditional method is just convenient.

Earlier people use to trust solely on ‘mouth-publicity’? but now as many new companies have emerged, the competition to market oneself has gotten fiercer. This necessity gave rise to the need of having a CMO which is the Chief Marketing Officer in a company but that wasn’t everything a company’s marketing needs would be satisfied with.

Having heavy salaried CMOs in a company wouldn’t even ensure a concrete understanding of what a customer wants and what will sell their products with a proper strategy on brand management, advertising and conducting market research.

It was found that out of 200, only 12 of CMOs were aware of the real-time⏱ and well-integrated view of customer interaction across their enterprise and 45% were underinvested the information and intelligence system.

This can draw us to a conclusion that there is need of more smart and outsourced resource that can dwell into these precious customer data? and give something valuable out of which can be used to formulate better marketing strategies.

Virtual CMO work from home to help in salesAs the customer is also shifting its preferences towards more modernized approaches, there’s a need to get someone who can do more than what a regular CMO can do, with lesser paychecks!

The latest upgrade in the marketing sector has been bagged by ?Digital marketing? which further contains a plethora of marketing strategies which are impactful than ever in hiking the online sales rate of a company.

As the name suggests, digital marketing has given all the search engines and social media platforms an upswing to deliver a message to millions of people within cost and time effective margins.

Given these platforms, the task to handle them all has become quite tough and yet necessary. Maintaining social media presence and initiating different marketing campaign drives have now become a dire need to make a good sale and online presence and no one better than a marketer can do that for you!

Virtual CMO is just a virtual version of your in-house CMO which comes as more cost-effective. It can perform all the tasks for you like keeping the track records, assigning tasks and assignments, making monthly reports, and formulate various strategies to carry out marketing. All of this work is done behind the screen making it more like a work-from-home CMO.

It’s been traced that as the digital revolution stuck by, the number of Americans who turned to virtual, work-from-home workers between 2005 to 2015 increased↗ by 115%. A virtual CMO can provide you with services like analytics and tracking, social media presence, digital media handle, and maintaining and growing public relations.

Social media helps in online salesIf we consider what small-scale and new businesses need, especially the ones who run digitally, there is a really broad spectrum present in front of them.

They can’t afford to compromise with finesse expertise in their initiatives but hiring experts in each of these specialized fields aren’t pretty affordable.

There’s a need for someone who holds good experience and can be available but surely they don’t want to pay for them full-time⏰. Also, a traditional CMO may lack in its evaluation and strategic intellect and may end up not being the best candidate for the company, which is working in every possible way to increase their sales.

A virtual CMO can serve them as a personalized marketer who can give tailored services according to the company’s needs. Some companies need to build a plan to connect with their audience or just once and others may require their vCMO to keep on devising new and creative campaigns every once in a while. Keep reading? to find out why you should consider re-evaluating your marketing plans and get a vCMO for your company to get a hike in online sales.

1. Transition in Tradition

Over the years, the trends have changed and so has the marketing tactics. A CMO would typically only concentrate on making traditional marketing strategies but as the world has shifted on the internet, these CMOs now lack the expertise to deal with online sales strategies.

It was found that a majority of senior B2B marketing executives, 79% admit that they fail to deliver updated news? and insights about accounts and prospects to their organization.

There is an evident lack of research and some obviously unrealistic goals. Since companies pay a heavy amount to these executives, they expect them to complete the burdening tasks and unreachable targets for them which eventually ruin their whole quality.

A virtual CMO, being a work-from-home? employee, gets to do much more research and learn about the internet and come up with something new and wanted every day. They are more aware of what the new generation wants and how to keep them engaged emotionally with their content.

2. Multi Disciplinary

Hiring an expert is great but you should know that you have limited your resource person to a particular field he is an expert in. Same is the case with an in-house CMO. He can be confined to a single industry.

virtual ceo as multi disciplinaryThey might even have to outsource someone by themselves for the task they are not specialized for. In fact, it was found in a survey that 64% of marketers outsource their email? marketing needs to specialists.

Having outsourced a virtual marketing executive can ensure that there is a team of people who can possess a variety of skill sets. Imagine a situation where you have a launched a product which requires an unconventional marketing strategy.

Now, a virtual CMO will have ideas from different minds and can come up with one strategy which is a mixture of many different expert opinions. This is what is required in the current marketing trends.

Not only a virtual marketing team can bring about new changes in your strategies but also strengthen the overall presence of your company by adding value to it through competent online presence and going with the trends.

3. Flexibility

This goes to be the second-best part of having a vCMO, of course, cost-effective being the first one. A virtual team can work for you at flexible hours.

You don’t have to wait for the next day to assign a task? or discuss anything important from your marketing executive. Also, apart from being time-flexible, a vCMO can also be pretty flexible with their experiences. Sure they must have worked with different kind of companies and that can help you a lot in getting a better perspective of the market.

4. Team

Nothing comes skeptical when you have to choose between having a team or a single individual. A CMO can be one ?person who is definitely not groomed enough to carry out a task as a team can.

Your virtual CMO will have a wide network of writers, copywriters, designers, sales professionals, conversion rate optimizations (CRO), search engine optimization (SEO), virtual administrators, and many other experts for the needful. And even if not, they can easily further outsource one without you even worrying about it.

5. Consistent Planning

Devising marketing planning and more importantly, re-evaluating them isn’t as easy as it may sound. As a small business, there is a lesser⬇ human resource and more work to do in a day.

virtual cmo work regularly to get online salesPilling desk can easily let you forget about working on marketing and that’s another reason why you should get a virtual CMO. It’s their job to keep you updated and progressing even while you are not at it.

Also, the best part is, they would work for you irrespective of your work condition. This brings us to two good facts. One, even if your workplace is a busy one with noises all around, your vCMO is making sure your work gets done without being affected by the external conditions.

Hence, better quality. Second. Being in-house restricts you from being in touch with the outside on-goings. People who work online are pretty knowledgeable about what’s going outside an office? can bring in some significant contributions from what’s happening with other companies. This will ultimately lead to a better marketing plan.


These are the main points that can be considered while you are deciding who to hire for your company’s better retention rates. Obviously, there’s much more to this. You should always consider what your needs are and then make a balanced decision. Having a CMO, whether in-house or outsourced is never enough until you are following up with them.

Making mere marketing strategies aren’t going to give you a proper insight if you’re not tracking your results. Only then you will be able to see if your sales are growing or not and if all this is worth your effort and money.

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